Our Studios

Live tracking, mixing, production or writing, our studios come equipped with everything you need.

Studio 1

Studio 1 at Wendyhouse represents an ideal space for both live tracking and mixing. Complete with a 24 i/o Pro Tools HD3 system running Pro Tools 10HD and Logic 9, a multitude of plugins, outboard, microphones and our Amek Angela console at the centre of the control room, all your equipment needs are covered.

Studio 2

Studio 2 at Wendyhouse is our production room. Complete with Pro Tools 10 and Logic 9 software, a multitude of plugins, a selection of outboard and a Metric Halo 8 i/o interface all running through our punchy sounding SSL X Desk.

Studio 3

Studio 3 at Wendyhouse is our writing room. Complete with Pro Tools 9 and Logic 9 software, a multitude of plugins with an Apogee Duet interface. Monitoring is provided by KRK VXT 4 active monitors and Yamaha NS10’s.