Studio 2

Studio 2 at Wendyhouse is our production room. Complete with Pro Tools 10 and Logic 9 software, a multitude of plugins, a selection of outboard and a Metric Halo 8 i/o interface all running through our punchy sounding SSL X Desk.

Monitoring is provided by a pair of active Genelec 1032B monitors and Yamaha NS10’s. Again acoustically treated by Richard Moakes, the sound of this room is extremely vibey with great sounding low end, crucial to production work.

Again the control room is naturally lit with a vocal booth attached and access to studio 1’s microphone collection. Can also be linked to studio 3 to make an extra live room, ideal for groups of singers or even a drum kit.

All our rooms at Wendyhouse come with complete interconnectivity, so whether just making use of one studio or the whole building, you will have total flexibility when working between rooms.



SSL X-Desk Summing Mixer


Apple Mac Pro 12-Core 2.66GHz 6GB Ram
Metric Halo 2882 Interface


Pro Tools 10.3.9
Logic Pro 9.1.4
Antares Autotune
Plus many more…


Chameleon Labs 7602/Mic Pre EQ
Tubetech LCA2B


Genelec 1032A Bi-amp  (Active)
Yamaha NS10m